New Horizons in Health

Becky Rus

May 1st – October 31st

  • 3283 Dogwood Avenue

  • Rock Valley, IA 51247

November 1st – April 30th

  • 3083 W Foothill St

  • Apache Junction, AZ 85120

 I have ridden horses since I was 4 years old and still compete in barrel racing. After owning a veterinary supply company for 25 years, I sold it and am semi-retired. After seeing other people use PEMF on horses I was impressed and decided to buy my first one, a Semi 3 for use on my horses, my dog and myself. After 2 years of amazing results working on bursitis in my hip, bulging disc in my back, bronchitis in my dog, and various injuries on my horses including a torn suspensory ligament, I was convinced PEMF was real. I decided to purchase several machines and add several other modalities (infrared, vibration therapy, percussion massage, Kinesology taping, & Nebulizing ) helping animals and people. After seeing amazing results I decided to make it my profession. Having a college background in Ag Business and Veterinary, it gave me a lot of insight to the needs of animals and people and how they could be helped with PEMF.

Wellness & Pain Relief

Muscle & Joint Inflammation
Injury & Wound Recovery
Increased Energy

Pets & Small Animals

Enhanced Performance
Pre/Post Event Relaxation
Drug Free Recovery

Equine Performance

Improved Quality of Life
Arthritis & Chronic Disorders
Immune Boosting


A Higher Quality of Wellness

Whether equine or small animal, PEMF can help improve performance, relieve pain, improve sleep, and enhance wellness.
PEMF is widely used around the world equine athletes and small animals.

The Benefits of PEMF







The process enhances the body’s ability to recover and relieve pain quickly and naturally.

A safe non-invasive alternative to conventional medicine that is natural, drug-free, and has no adverse side effects or risks.

PEMF is an accredited school by the AADP and being a practitioner has let me help hundreds.

PEMF works by improving cellular function and health at the molecular level. The process enhances the body’s ability to recover and relieve pain quickly and naturally. This allows for improved training with less pain and injury, which leads to better performance and potentially longer career.